Assistance tracking software that connects with the employee phone


Chekin helps you keep track of your the assistance of your employees in a smart and different way,

Goodbye thumb sensor

Nowadays, almost every assitance tracker features a thumb sensor connected to a local database that it's messy, sometimes doesn't detect the thumb, etc...

In the current times, being in the office doesn't mean you're working, the time the employees spend inside the office has changed a lot from the old days, mainly with COVID-19 we see a lot of companies going full remote, leaving the assistance tracker at the office with no use or way to use it.

This is where Chekin does a good job, because the services we use are on the internet, it means that every employee can have their own assistance tracker embedded on their computers

The way it works is that it connects to the phone, and the server sends a SMS with a 5 digit code that only last 30 seconds, in this way we are sure that:

  • The employee that checked in / out is the actual employee
  • Phone = key
  • Real time updates for the admin

We are currently working on new features for the server such as phone control over the time at work, integration with wage payment